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    There are several ways to learn how to do reupholstery. Some ways are more valuable to a career in the long term than others. I got started in upholstery work by luck of getting hired to make boat interiors and continued my upholstery training because I wanted to work on car interiors, and I didn't want to go to college, at the time, though I did eventually go and earn my degree in order to learn how to run a business effectively. Deciding what to do for a living is an important decision. Some people are destined to go to college and embark on a professional career. What about people who are not able or do not want to go to college? People who choose a different path and who do not want to pursue a college degree have lucrative career options if a trade is carefully chosen. Upholstery is a profession that offers financial opportunity for a trained upholsterer.

    What are the Types of Upholstery Schools?

    The most common type of upholstery school is an automotive upholstery school, but there are not very many of them to be found. The main advantage of attending an accredited upholstery school is the extensive hands-on training the student will receive. Upholstery is, as a trade, an extensively hands-on profession so this type of education effectively prepares students for upholstery work. The disadvantage is the need to relocate to attend if one is not close at hand.

    Distance Course Upholstery Training

    Distance learning is a common approach to upholstery training. Correspondence training courses lack the hands-on experience offered by an in class experience, but a well written distance course will be rich with upholstery tips that give the upholstery student a significant on the job advantage. Distance learning also offers the advantage of convenience. Students taking lessons in a distance upholstery school are not limited by the lack of a nearby learning institution. Distance learning options are available for students who want to learn both furniture reupholstery and for those students desiring auto upholstery training. The drawback of these distance courses is potential employers often look for upholsterers with hands-on training. Correspondence courses are ideally suited to those students who are self-motivated and who want to bypass employers and start their own businesses.

    An Apprenticeship as an Alternative to Auto Upholstery School?

    Accepting an apprenticeship with a local upholsterer is an effective way to learn upholstery. Working in an upholstery shop provides hands-on experience that looks good on a resume. Upholstery apprentices are normally exposed to a variety of upholstery types like automotive upholstery, furniture reupholstery, marine upholstery, and canvas work. The variety of upholstery work encountered on a day to day basis gives an apprentice the chance to develop a wide skill set. Compare this wide skill set to the skill set of an upholsterer who knows only auto upholstery or only furniture. This is an upholsterer who is poised to succeed and who has the option to branch into a lucrative upholstery specialty. Pick up the e-book, How to Start an Upholstery Shop (Insider Secrets for Upholsterers) to learn more about upholstery training as well as many other industry insider's tips on starting an upholstery business.